About Sophia Center

It is our wish that your experience while visiting our virtual hearth and home will give you inspiration, comfort, sanctuary, encouragement and a sense of belonging. Our newly designed website is meant to create and build a community of like minded people who want to connect their hearts and minds in a safe atmosphere that honors our planet and the Sacred Dimension of our human experience.

We believe Divine Wisdom, Sophia, resides in every one of us and that each of us is a unique expression of Creator's love, wisdom and creativity for the lifting up of our world into an ever evolving expression of Higher Consciousness, a knowing with the ”mind of the heart” that we are one community. This reality is expressed by the word HearthMind.  Hearth has been our focusing metaphor since the founding of our non- profit organization in 1988. Hearth is the sacred gathering place for people to experience community since the beginning of human awareness. Now, as we continue to connect in new ways via the internet, we are creating a consciousness that helps us experience the possibilities of a global awareness. Though we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness, we are becoming aware of the possibilities of One mind and One heart for our planet.

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