About Us

Sophia Center is a non-profit organization also known as Sophia’s Gifts of the Spirit. It’s mission is to inspire a shift in consciousness through educational opportunities and products that invite fuller expression of the Sacred dimension of our lives and our ever evolving human family.

A metaphor central to the work of Sophia Center is the hearth, which has long been the gathering place of people around the world. It is a place of nurturing, healing, community, sanctuary and warmth. The sacred stories that connected people with the Divine Mystery called God, Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Creator, were told around the hearth. The gift-line, featured on this web site, focuses on reclaiming and honoring the hearth as sacred and life-sustaining to the human family.

The special product line we offer at our Center seeks to support in a tangible way an experience of goodness, hope, healing and a deeper meaning to life. It is our hope that all who find our products supportive in their lives will, in turn, offer others support within their sphere of influence.

We are a “motley crew” of mostly volunteers who bring you these unique gifts of the Spirit. They are carefully hand made and, for the most part, each piece is unique in appearance and finish. Our intention as we create each piece, is that you each will receive blessing and grace in whatever way you need. We hope, as you come into contact with our gifts, you will be able to feel in some way that you are loved and blessed.

Sophia Center was founded by two visionary women: The Rev. Judith Meckling, remains an active benefactor and supporter. Sister Kathryn Knoll is the present director and creative genius behind the clay art and products which are offered at Sophia’s Gifts of the Spirit in Portland, Oregon and on the Sophia Center web site. Countless Sophia People (the real backbone of the organization) all over the country (you know who you are) share with their friends and families the gift of the Spirit we offer and keep the Center of Wisdom alive in their hearts and homes for the uplifting of our world.