Sophia Center Newsletter

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When you choose the Hearthstone: excellence, you are invited to see the more of it for yourself, all your endeavors and the world around you. Excellence is the flawless unfolding of the Divine plan that you see and do in your daily affairs. Because you and all you do are an expression of Creator’s HeartSong, you want to flow this superb energy even in your very breathing, in the beat of your heart and the miraculous way your bones keep expressing the ancient secret: God’s name is embedded in your very marrow! Yes! Your DNA shouts The Holy Name. What could be more excellent than that?

About Hearthstones...

In 1989 a marvelous little daily focus tool was born, known today as Hearthstones. These heart shaped clay tiles with affirmative word qualities imprinted on them are so named Hearthstones because they are the combination of heart + earth. Hearth.  Hearth is the centralizing experience of safety, warmth and nurture to which most humans can relate.

Since their creation in 1989, Hearthstones have found their way into homes, businesses, churches, prisons, hospitals, treatment and healing centers, retreat centers,truck stops, trick-or-treat bags, care packages and even the knapsacks of combat soldiers. Many blessings of healing, comfort and peace has gone out all over the world as people share these "letters from God" telling us what our job is today.



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