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When you choose the Hearthstone: trust, you are invited to let go of control, something you think you have which is only an illusion, anyway. Your only point of control is choosing. Trust is the ability to let the mystery of life unfold, knowing that you are safe and surrounded by love. When you make choices in life you can rest in the assurance that all is well. As long as you are committed to listening to that still small voice within, that desires your highest good, you can experience the rightness of life unfolding for you. If you listen only to the outside voices, you will be confused and misled. Listen to them if you will, but you know from past experience that the inner voice, the one that is pure of heart is your trusted servant and will always lead you home to the One your heart desires.

About Hearthstones...

In 1989 a marvelous little daily focus tool was born, known today as Hearthstones. These heart shaped clay tiles with affirmative word qualities imprinted on them are so named Hearthstones because they are the combination of heart + earth. Hearth.  Hearth is the centralizing experience of safety, warmth and nurture to which most humans can relate.

Since their creation in 1989, Hearthstones have found their way into homes, businesses, churches, prisons, hospitals, treatment and healing centers, retreat centers,truck stops, trick-or-treat bags, care packages and even the knapsacks of combat soldiers. Many blessings of healing, comfort and peace has gone out all over the world as people share these "letters from God" telling us what our job is today.



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