Jubilate Says...
(Refresh your screen for a new message from Jubilate)

Always make it a point to skate your best. It is a way of expressing your appreciation to Creator for being so very awesome and clever in imagining and creating you!



Meet Jubilate, an angel who is Joy and Exuberance all rolled up into one speedy expression of The Creator’s genius. She loves the colors yellow and gold, and anything that goes fast and is fun. She loves to make every verb an adverb and frequently ends words in “ly.” So, fun becomes: funnly!

Though she has been around for eons, she has a very youthful, childlike energy. Skating, skateboarding or traveling on any thing with wheels is her passion, especially if the color yellow is involved. She loves her job of reminding us that darkness is no place to be when we can dance and skate in the light.

 Jubilate is the inspiration behind all our “angelic impressions” products. Jubilate poses for all the one-of-a-kind terra cotta pocket angels, magnets, and angel ornaments soon to be featured on this web site in the products section.

Make no mistake, Jubilate is a real angel. People who have been introduced to her have even been known to call us up and tell us stories of how she has been working her joyful magic in their life. If you have ever gone out on an errand and come back having bought something yellow you never intended to buy, don’t be surprised to find: Jubilate was skating beside you and impulsed a little bit of lightening up. Ever find yourself doing a double take when you see a yellow motor cycle whizz by? That’s Jubilate in your head.

When you come to our web site, Jubilate is here to lift your spirits and inspire your best skating maneuvers. “Jubilate Says” is a way she shares her wisdom with us. Enjoy!



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